If a pylon is not equipped with a climbing bolt passage, flexible and practical solutions are needed. In such cases, the special clamping system developed by Grabmayr enables safe working on the pylon as well as on the crossarms. Available for all common angle groups, clamping systems offer the advantage of targeted force application into the corner post in the event of a fall into the fall arrest system. Due to the adaptation to the static requirements of the pylon, no substantial forces are transferred to the pylon structure. In addition, a climbing bolt passage in the center of the pylon wall ensures that the required distances to voltage-carrying parts are maintained. This enables us to adapt a defined climbing path to the special form and type of your pylon structure.

Safety - Your advantage for sure

  • Easy mounting
  • Resting platforms can be integrated
  • The nearly identical basic material of the pylon and clamping system prevents problems caused by the expansion of different materials
  • Optimal economic benefit by an extendable module system
  • By using clamping systems, no significant forces are transferred to the pylon structure. Recalculations for a subsequently required safety climbing system on old pylons are no longer necessary
  • Mechanical movements, thermal expansion and vibrations of the pylon structure do not affect the clamping system, which means that no follow-up costs are to be expected.
  • Damage caused by harsh weather conditions – e.g. lightning – do not affect the climbing path with clamps and safety step bolts.  
  • Clamps enable the mounting of safety step bolts on specifically required points of the pylon structure.
  • If requested, we can deliver completely pre-assembled climbing paths