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Target-oriented and innovative

Founded in 1970 on the former site of the closed wood wool factory SINGER by Günther and Florentine Grabmayr, the company quickly developed into a competent and high-performing partner specializing in the construction of high-voltage pylons and substations. Since its beginning, the company has been located at Hohenberg / Lower Austria, which is a sign of constancy and consistency.

Our business has always been based on the principle of trust between customer and contractor. This philosophy is firmly anchored in our corporate culture and is upheld by our employees. Adherence to delivery dates, co-operation in partnership and a culture of discussion with our customers, suppliers and partners - this is what has characterized Stahlbau Grabmayr for more than 50 years.

Now the successor generation offers future-oriented, creative and flexible solutions for all your requests. With an adequately lean management structure and a stable network of partners we are moving towards an exciting future.


  • Start of the production of 25 and 30 kV pylons for overhead lines in Austria
  • First international projects:  fit-out of substations in Thailand



  • Development, design, production and assembly of 110, 220 and 380 kV pylons
  • Production of special pylons for regional utilities
  • Construction of substations
  • Stahlbau Grabmayr's in-house development of substation equipment for mines reached out as far as the Philippines, where complete mining equipment was delivered and assembled on site.



  • Major orders for high-voltage pylons and radio masts for the new states in the Eastern part of Germany
  • Establishment of a utility network in Libya together with VOEST ALPINE
  • Joint development of safety step bolts with VERBUND Gesellschaft (Austrian Power Grid AG). Licensed production of the ‘VG safety step bolt‘.



  • Further development of the central climbing paths for assembly without crane trucks
  • Safety climbing path for the South Tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna
  • Development of safety elements for crossarms




2010 – 2020:

  • Extension of the special area fall protection technology for pylon construction, climbing system for concrete and solid-wall pylons
  • Construction of series and special pylons structures for infrastructure
  • Development of flood-base equipment and safe access to the existing climbing path by means of plug-in step bolts
  • Test assembly of the rope lift system in Austria and abroad
  • Practice-oriented system presentations

2010 – 2020

from 2020:

  • Grabmayr celebrated its 50-years anniversary
  • Upgrading of the existing machinery with FICEP special drilling units/extension of the production halls
  • Completion of the new office headquarters in Hohenberg
  • Additional flexibility in the area of planning by a connected engineering office
  • A matter of pride:  as a developer of individual ascent systems for pole and tower structures, Grabmayr was assigned a spot in the Hamburg Miniaturwunderland.
  • Partner of energy suppliers in emergency service
  • PVD plant for industrial production with solar power

from 2020